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    Can Sellers Back out?

    By Top Agent Realty Concierge | October 25, 2022

    How sellers can get our of an accepted offer on a house? In general, home sellers have three ways to get out of a signed real estate contract: Taking advantage of a legal provision in the contract Proving the buyer committed fraud Persuading the buyer to agree to cancel the contract Purchase agreements 101 Once... Read More

    Closing Costs Breakdown

    By Top Agent Realty Concierge | October 13, 2022

    Finding all the Fees you will Pay. When you buy or sell a house, you must pay a set of taxes and other fees called closing costs. These expenses cover the cost of finalizing the sale and transferring the property’s title into the buyer’s name. Seller closing costs typically add up to 1-3% of the... Read More

    Things to know BEFORE you power wash

    By Top Agent Realty Concierge | September 13, 2022

    Pressure washing or power washing is the use of spraying water under high pressure to remove loose paint, mold, algae, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects like buildings, fences, masonry, some vehicles and concrete or asphalt surfaces such as driveways or patios. The terms “power washing” and “pressure washing” are... Read More

    Questions to ask your Lender

    By Top Agent Realty Concierge | August 22, 2022

    What to Ask When Getting a Loan. Do you know the right questions to ask a lender or mortgage broker? Before you start looking at homes, it’s wise to get your selection of a lender squared away first. Part of being prepared to get a loan is asking your mortgage company the right questions. When... Read More

    Why you need a real estate agent

    By Top Agent Realty Concierge | August 10, 2022

    Real Estate Is a Full-Time Job Can you rush home from work every time someone wants to see your home? Can you excuse yourself from a meeting every time your phone rings with a potential buyer? At the end of a long workday, do you have the energy to take advantage of every possible opportunity... Read More

    maintenance matters

    By Stephen Molero | July 22, 2022

    Maintenance Matters Trees are a great addition to any yard, but you do need to give your trees the right care to avoid them becoming a giant pain. Here’s what you can do to keep those saplings strong and healthy: Get to know your tree species better. There are close to 1,000 species of trees... Read More

    Summer Sale

    By Stephen Molero | July 14, 2022

    If you’re interested in putting your home on the market, doing so during the warm summer months is a great idea. Once temperatures increase and plants begin to grow, it’s much easier to enhance a home’s curb appeal. Pair those curb enhancements with some interior upgrades and you’ll be on your way to a speedy... Read More

    Sellers Market?

    By Stephen Molero | July 8, 2022

    Ever since interest rates decreased at the beginning of the pandemic, the real estate market throughout most of the country has heavily favored sellers. When interest rates decrease, more buyers enter the market to secure mortgage loans with low interest rates. High buyer demand means that sellers oftentimes receive multiple bids. The combination of low interest rates, extremely... Read More

    Pool Safety

    By Stephen Molero | June 22, 2022

    Invest in an alarm system. Just like a smoke detector inside your house, a pool alarm warns you of imminent danger. These alarms can be placed on your gate or in the water to alert you when someone enters. You can choose either an above- or below-surface sensor that triggers when there’s a disturbance, such... Read More

    Storm Proofing

    By Stephen Molero | June 9, 2022

    A bad storm can bring about so many repairs, from broken windows to downed powerlines and trees. All together, these things can quickly add up to be very costly. The best method of defense is to prepare for disaster before it occurs. In the event of flooding, there are a few things you can do... Read More