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maintenance matters

Maintenance Matters


Trees are a great addition to any yard, but you do need to give your trees the right care to avoid them becoming a giant pain. Here’s what you can do to keep those saplings strong and healthy:

Get to know your tree species better.

So many different types of trees.

There are close to 1,000 species of trees throughout North America, each one requiring different care instructions. If you haven’t had to care for trees before, it may seem a bit overwhelming. The good news is that a little bit of research can give you a better idea of how to care for the ones at your home.

Care for the ground around.

Poor soil conditions can impact a tree’s root system and its ability to get the nutrients it needs. Avoid compacting the dirt at the base of the tree too much. This is common when people frequently park their cars underneath. Move your car to another spot, and give the soil a chance to “relax.” You should also avoid spraying nearby weeds and instead pull them out by hand.

Don’t cut it too close.

Although a big, burly tree looks like it can withstand cuts and chips, it’s actually quite the opposite. Bark that gets cut off from weed whackers, mowers, and other landscaping machinery hampers the tree’s nutrient carrying system. When you go to trim your grass, don’t run your mower blades right up next to the base. Watch for any exposed roots as well since cutting these will permanently damage the tree.

Properly prune periodically.

Pruning just right.

Dead or damaged tree branches are a danger to your tree and your home. They can blow off in a storm and cause thousands of dollars in property damage. To avoid having a limb come crashing down, prune your trees as necessary. If you spot a branch that’s snapped and hanging down, it’s best to cut it off right away.

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