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Pool Safety

Ensure your POOL IS SAFE for the Summer Fun.

Invest in an alarm system.

Pool Alarm

Just like a smoke detector inside your house, a pool alarm warns you of imminent danger. These alarms can be placed on your gate or in the water to alert you when someone enters. You can choose either an above- or below-surface sensor that triggers when there’s a disturbance, such as someone falling in.

Clean your pool of toys and floats.

Kids are easily enticed by fun objects like pool floats and other toys that they see in the water. After you’re done hanging out in your pool, remove items like balls, noodles, and rafts. Either take them inside or store them in a lockable container to make it harder to access.

Comply with drain regulations.

Pool drains are notorious for being powerful enough to suck a child or even an adult under water. Anti-entrapment covers are a small thing that make all the difference.

Get the right cover.

Find the right pool covers.

If you don’t have a fence, a pool cover is the next best way to keep pets and people out. The general rule of thumb is that the cover should extend at least three inches past the edge of the pool. While there are covers that are more net-like, the best ones are either a mesh or solid vinyl material. Mesh covers allow for sunlight to pass through and prevent water or snow buildup, whereas solid “bounce” covers don’t let anything through. 

Keep up your pool maintenance.

A clean pool is a safe pool. By simply keeping up on your maintenance schedule, you can reduce the chance of an emergency going unseen. Scoop out any surface debris that could obstruct your view of the bottom of the pool. Keep a proper chemical balance in your water as well to avoid getting that “murky” look. Cracked pavement, loose ladders, and broken steps should all be fixed to prevent tripping hazards and allow for a way out in case there’s a problem.

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